Who we are

Established in late 2014, 51wofang is a leading Virtual Reality for real estate platform headquartered in China, we provide cutting-edge visualization technologies to developers in China and North America.

Backed by Lightspeed China Venture Partners, Tujia and Modernland China (1107. HK), 51wofang raised its series A around of $5 Million in the June of 2015.

What we do

Virtual Reality Open House Indoor Indoor Features immersive experiences within the showroom, furniture customizations, dollhouse views and sand tables. Outdoor Features community details and bird’s eye views.Artificial Intelligence Sales Features integrated AI Sales Assistance that provides intellectual and informational conversations with customers.

Multi-platform Experiences Additional to the exceptional PC Virtual Reality headsets experiences, 51wofang also provide outstanding contents across mobile VR devices, tablet apps and PC browsers.

New way to invest in real estate Flexible crowdfunding terms of certain properties that provides property sales discount and high yield of the investment.

//How We Excel//

Best hardware

We use HTC vive, the world’s best VR HMD, as our VR hardware. It outperforms the market in almost all regards, which guarantees the best experience to see the real estate world. The unique Lighthouse base stations enable people to walk around and feel the environment freely and just like in the real world.

Best software

We use Unreal Engine 4, the world’s best game development engine to make drawing on paper into Virtual Reality home. UE4 enables people to feel the VR home as real as possible.

Best experience

In VR home, people could do almost anything they could in the real world and even more, like scaling the size by just touching a button, feeling day and night change in 1 minute, change the color and style of furniture etc. It provides the best experience to visit home anytime and anywhere.

Best partner

We work together with the best companies in the world to create a new gateway. Our partners include HTC, NVIDIA, SteamVR, Unreal Engine, Epic Games and some top labs in universities.


//Demo Video//

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US Office

Alvin Xu | Partner

301 King St., Suite 1706, San Francisco, CA 94158

+1 (217) 819-6340


China Headquater

Yee Locke | BD Director

Building 8, 3F, 1 Xiangheyuan Rd., Dongcheng District, Beijing 100010

+86 400-816-5151